Mediation assists people to explore the conflict they are experiencing and to find resolutions they are comfortable with. Mediation gives people an avenue to vent their frustrations and to be heard in an equal and respectful way.

Any conflict situation can be dealt with through mediation such as neighbourly disputes, workplace conflicts, teen conflict with parents and/ or schools and family separation.

The process of mediation is different for every person and it depends on the conflict but usually the mediator meets separately with the two parties involved. This is so the mediator can get a grasp of the conflict and where the parties are at with regards to it.

After this a face to face session is organised where the mediator and the two parties meet to discuss the conflict and to help each other understand how the conflict has affected the other party.

A mediator is an independent non-judgemental third party who assists both sides. The mediator creates a safe environment where the conflict can be explored and positive resolutions can be reached
You do not have to contact the other party; we will do this for you. We will explain the process to them and let them decide if it mediation is something they want to participate in. We make three attempts to contact them if we do not get a response we will assume that the individual does not want to take part. This means that the mediation cannot go ahead. However both parties can re-engage with mediation at any time.
At HC Conflict Resolution Services we know how valuable your time is because of this we can come to you. We deliver services nationwide but we focused on Cork city and county. We can book a neutral location in your locality and we are available to work at weekends and evenings.
The process of the mediation depends a lot on the nature of the conflict some conflicts can be reconciled in one or two meetings while others take more sessions.
Yes. Everything that is said in mediation is confidential however there are some exceptions. For example any information regarding a child safeguarding issue or any information regarding causing harm to any individual must be reported to the correct authorities. This is very rare and is explained in more detail in the face to face meetings.
No. Anything talked about in mediation stays within the mediation. All parties must agree to this before starting mediation. In the case of family separation parties may agree to have their own solicitors look over any agreements reached but this is only with the agreement of both parties. Agreements can also be made legal if both parties agree.
Dealing with a conflict situation is very stressful and can affect many different areas in your life. Some conflicts develop into serious situations and can end up in court this means a costly process for all involved. Mediation is used to resolve conflict and while the parties concerned may never be friends it allows them to reach a place where they can retain an amicable relationship. Mediation is also a friendly understandable process where the client is in charge, this means the power and the choice is firmly with the individuals.
Mediation can be used for all conflicts no matter how big or small. The mediation process has an 80% success rate as it allows both parties to air their grievances which leads to a greater understanding. Agreements that are practical and applicable can reached by all parties concerned. These agreements can be changed if they don’t work out or if the parties’ circumstances change.
Mediation is a low cost option when compared to the costs associated with the court system. HC Conflict Management Services is affordable but the cost does depend on the complexities of the conflict. Contact us and we can discuss your individual circumstances with you. All queries are welcome.

We will start the process as soon as possible it may take a couple of weeks to contact the other party and establish if they are interested in mediation once this is established the first meeting can take place.