Mediation is a solution based process and it has an 80% success rate. We offer an affordable and professional service which comes to a neutral location you are comfortable with.

Separating couples mediation

Ending a long term relationship or a marriage is an extremely difficult process. Mediation can help both parties come to an agreement with regard to child access and property division. It is up to both parties to decide if the agreements reached are legally binding or not. Agreements reached in mediation are open to change with the agreement of both parties.

Family mediation

Families are a complicated structure and there are times when conflict is at the forefront. Here at HC Conflict Management Services we understand that and we specialise in conflict within the family. Conflict can arise regarding teenagers and young adults and with wider family members such as aunts, uncles and cousins.

Elder mediation

The use of elder mediation is growing throughout Ireland. Elder mediation is used when an elderly person’s needs and abilities are changing and they want to consult they’re family or/and carers with regard to their daily and future care. This mediation is very valuable not only for the elderly person concerned but for the spouse and any grown children involved in their care.

Community mediation

There are many instances that can arise which cause conflict in the community. Neighbour conflict is on the rise and small conflicts can easily escalate. Mediation can help these situations by de-escalating conflict and finding solutions that work for both parties.

Workplace mediation

There is both positive and negative conflict in the workplace it is vital that negative conflict is identified and dealt with immediately. Workplace conflict can lead to a number of costly negative consequences such as decreased productivity, increased sick leave and high staff turnover.

There are three golden rules in mediation which all parties have to agree to. They are:

1. All parties will speak in a respectful manner.
2. Information discussed in mediation is confidential.
3. Any party can call for a time-out at any stage or they can leave the process at any time.